‘‘More than a brand, it's a lifestyle’’

That’s it!

This is our slogan because that’s what make us diferent.

And this is the distinction for all our customers who belong to what is a Fullequipe® Lifestyle.

We are fascinated for elite sports competition and hence we have a large collection dedicated to sport and intended for all our customers who either hobby or profession dedicate time to them.

Our designs are based on craftsmanship. Jewelry made one by one with exclusive delicacy and controlling every detail so the result are unique and exclusive pieces.

Although it seems obvious,

We like the natural, beautiful and luxurious materials from which there is no place for plated other metals or synthetic gems and that’s why we work only with high quality materials such as 750 18kt Gold and fine silver, along with exclusive precious gems mounted carefuly.

We also think,

That as we differ for exclusivity, repetition is boring so we have limited edition creations.

Now that you know ...

Are you going Fullequipe?

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